Can I do this class if I have injuries?

People with a variety of injuries have participated in our classes, and most of them have had no problems, but each case is different. If you have a mild lower back pain, and nothing acute, then you should benefit from our program. If you have issues with your knees, then you should know a little more about what we do. We spend a bit of time each class in a kneeling position and in the Bird Dog position (you can google that). We also do some back lunges (which are easier on your knees than a forward lunge). If your knees are comfortable with those things, then you should be fine.

Is Sensible Fitness like Yoga?

In our classes, we borrow a few poses from Yoga, such as the Child's pose and the Cat-Cow pose, but overall we really don't spend a lot of time in poses. We would rather be moving and exploring space.

What is the difference between flexibility and mobility?

When you stretch, you take your body to the end of its range of motion and push it slightly past what is comfortable. This is the limit of your flexibility. However, not all of your flexibility is usable when you move. Mobility refers to the range of motion that you can actually use without pain, with good biomechanics, and with confidence. In a mobility exercise, we work on expanding our range of safe, high quality movement.

Will this program help me lose weight?

Diet is the key to controlling your weight. Sometimes it is said that controlling your weight is 80% diet, maybe %10 good sleep, and then %10 exercise. The main benefit of exercise, as it relates to weight loss, is not the calories your burn, but rather the role it plays in improving your overall lifestyle. If exercise makes you feel more positive mentally, then that will help you to make the right choices about your diet. If you are trying to lose weight, then main thing you want in a fitness program is something that is safe and makes you enjoy, so that you will stick with it. You obviously can't get the benefits of exercise if you are injured. So choose a fitness system that is sustainable for you.

Will lifting weights make me "bulk up"?

We are sometimes asked if lifting weights will make you “bulk up.” Let’s look at this issue from a broader perspective: When you see pictures of bodybuilders with bulky muscles, think about how those people get to that point. They lift weights five or six days a week, for an hour or more each session. They use the maximum weight their bodies can tolerate, and they repeatedly push their muscles to the point of failure. They are also all taking performance enhancing drugs. The weight lifting we do at Sensible Fitness is not comparable. We do about ten minutes of weight lifting each class, and we use light free weights for endurance strength, not maximum strength. Anything is possible, but the chance you will bulk up from such a modest amount of weight lifting is very small.