Sensible Fitness is not just another fitness program. We have new exercises you won't find anywhere else. We have the Locomotives, the Barrel Rolls, the Sky Scrapers, the Rolly Pollies, and more.

We like variety. Each of our exercises feels different and does something different for your body. Think of a balanced diet. A balanced diet isn't all carrots and kale. It is a mixture of vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, dairy, perhaps meat, and more. A class at our studio is like this. It is a blend of interesting movements of all different types. However, we don't just throw exercises together randomly. Each class is a careful balance of strength training, stretching, and movement.

At Sensible Fitness we also work on some of the more refined aspects of fitness, such as balance, mobility, posture, and breathing. These things tend to get overlooked in the fitness industry because they aren't as glamorous as six-pack abs or a firm buttox, but in the big picture they are just as important to our quality of life.

Many fitness programs emphasize a destination. The destination may be finishing a marathon, losing weight, or learning how to do a headstand. At Sensible Fitness we emphasize a process. That means continually exploring the exercises, learning about our bodies, finding new muscles and new details in the movements. This is a process that never ends.

Nothing extreme, just sensible exercise.

"Extreme" is the buzz word of the day in fitness. Lots of people rave about their extreme programs, but other people have learned the hard way that these programs come with a high risk of injury. We want you to leave our classes feeling better than when you came in.

We make strength training fun.

As we get older, we lose muscle. The best way to stay strong and maintain your muscle base is to work with weights. If you think that lifting weights is boring, then we challenge you to give our program a try.

Movement, not positions.

Yoga is loved by millions of people, and if you are one of these people, then great. However, Yoga may not be right for everyone. Some people are looking for more movement in their workout. Other people have experienced injuries while doing Yoga. Our program emphasizes movements rather than poses, which can be a better fit for some bodies.

About the photos.

We do not use stock images. The models in these photos are Rena and Caroline, two profesional dancers. They are demonstrating exercises from our program. From top clockwise, the exercises are the Charge, a tricept extension and lunge combination, and the KrissCrosses. The photos were taken during a video shoot at Studio Center in Sacramento CA.